Submission #2 Dex Hannon

Natural Rust

I am dented

Rusted boned and pleasant

My mind is still sleek and sharpened steel

My lips flow smooth and silken shapes

the body work is in need of some attention.

The engine is fuelled on dietary mistakes

The tyres are balding and the spare disappeared with the jack

I can still ride out the open road.

Ah, the beautiful places I’ve seen.

I still have a half tank of gas

To take me places I’ve never been.

If I could drive it all over again.

Would my roads be different?

I’ll never know.

When I’m taken to the junk yard,

I have only just one hope,

that I ran this dirty old engine,

at least twice around the clock.

Submission #1 Oz Hardwick


Eyes close: open. Electric signal

digits flick and flash, cycle

sequence spinning, spilling too soon

to wakefulness, cold morning, bright

sun, blink, almost awake

to catch the cues, the clues,

the codes to hold each second,

each minute, stop the domino

tipping, tripping time in lines

creasing skin, thinning to blue

blushed bloom, opal eyes

wide in spray from endless seas

of memory, surging, filling veins,

plumping vines bearing fruit,

ripe and heavy from rippling months

numbered in sundial shadows, sweeping

shapes glimpsed through fleeting fingers

drumming a deep pulse, drawing

years in circles. Time slips:

begins again.

The Turning of the Wheel

KAIROS is the second collaboration between Loren Fetterman and Stefanie Elrick fusing poetry, live performance, installation art and creative technology. Kairos presents a mechanical model, an alternate conception of time based on a systematic study of the cycles and synchronicities we experience in our everyday lives and translated through performance into a piece of living art.

 This is the first concept design by Loren Fetterman

'The Wheel' First Design

How does the project work?

The First Stage

Kairos in its initial stage will follow the same format as the artists first collaboration Written in Skin, but with a very distinct conclusion. Loren and Stefanie will again ask the public to submit writing, poetry, song lyrics (even inspired one liners) that explore the notion of repetition, cyclical behaviour, the passing of time, seasonal and emotion shifts or reoccurrences in everyday life. The writing is encouraged to be honest, open, funny, raw, angry – i.e. any tone or intention that is genuine and speaks from real experience. Submissions will be showcased via this blog site.

The Second Stage

Submitted writing will be broken down into meaningful fragments and then restructured into a single poem, combining the stories and experiences of strangers into one unified voice.

The Third Stage

Loren and Stefanie will design and build the wheel, 4 giant concentric disks that sit on top of each other and are interdependent in their cycles.  Each wheel will turn at its own speed in relation to the others, representing the cyclical relationship between our faculties of thinking, feeling and willing to the physical world.

The Fourth Stage

During a live performance at Cornerhouse on 31st January 2015 the master poem will be incorporated into a larger painting and transcribed, by Loren, onto the time piece whilst it turns. Stefanie will be strapped to the central wheel and blindfolded, spinning at the central hub of the timepiece, reciting the master poem until the design is complete.

The Fifth Stage

The Kairos Wheel will be exhibited solely, the day after the performance. The footage of the event will be edited into a short video, which will be displayed on the Kairosophy website, along with a gallery of photos taken by professional photographers during the live performance.




31st January / 1st Feb at The Cornerhouse