Submission #5 Andreas Andrews

I awoke
I breathed
I spoke softly
I opened my eyes
I still dreamt of magic
I thought up a plan of awe
I fired up my innards with fuel
I couldn’t believe my predicament
I looked up at the sky and saw black
I was walking down the hill, when it started
I failed to realise what the consequences were
I saw the blushing of nature, but forceful in it’s stride
I relented of the times once begotten with marginal delight
I sung a song of cheerful bliss, as I strayed from what was pure
I carried along unscathed by the blinding lights that pierced my soul
I found a million water droplets falling perpetually from the skies above
I disputed the creation of all that was perfect, and reigned in my ignorance
I ran shattered by the constant grinding of my bones against all that was abrasive
I outperformed the beasts from the forest that didn’t understand what is was to be human.

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