Submission #6 Rev. Danny Nemu


Twisted whore

Entwined and entrancing

Snake-skinned siren soliciting

And glistening amidst the grime


Sister of Sin and Revealing

Beckoning the bold

Bedevilling the blind

And the bound,

And the burnt-out and blistering

Mumbling priests

In your houses of Horror and Reckoning

The end amongst angels

And deafening choirs of harridan howls

And banshee shrieks announcing the Fall

Of Rome

And Reason

And Rhyme

And Eden

And Adam

And Eve

And Everything

Four walls collapsing.

Glorious whore

Written in reds

Caged through the Age

And corroding

Braided and Bangled in gold without price

Gifts of the alchemist’s workings

Their fires sparked in the heat of your breath

And fanned in your wickedest whirling

Holy Whore

Reclined amongst Ruins

Before the Abyss you are Ravishing

With seven veils

For seven heavens

And seven seals for the fallen

The wrecks of a broken-down kingdom

I offer my words and my wits and my worth

For a glimpse of your glistening queendom

And a sip from the cup of your sanctum.

Read more about the advetnures of the Rev here ::

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