Submission #17 Amanda Vaughan

away with you
bloody windowpane;
free the blinds that
half way each night to
half way each morning
there are far too many windows to this house
light shines thin through shafts
shot             like marbles from branches
of sun spun gold
it seems so far and unfamiliar
the buds of little kids in woods
stars that guide their souls
a token of life
where midges fly
they dote in lingering light
stagnant pit ball dash
stares back
back to back
brick on top in tow
with yesterday’s sorrow
sympathy is an evil thing
it slithers tracking the throat
drooling all thought          out
open the sun shines through  out
all gone green reverse
lingers inn
a homely name
a path.
with a picket fence and
no direction of whither next
a section. time
sequel unrefined

Long shot

long drive away from home
exercise my rights
I’m a woman    just like you
stretch each cartridge pin
seagull strings
along the shoreline
posted for the glide
to breath in salt is to thin the trachea
dispels the glue
commuting thoughts
their distance tells of time
skin the kill
gut the race
brace yourself to
taste the sweetness
wonder waiting time
“I’m vision introspection”
so out of the blue
dispensing sound
a clearing heard by you
story warning
wary reels a fraction moment longer
striking resemblance
strikes me down
hinged onto the courtyard that clasps
each rusty padlock
keys only wind awake eyes
flints reflect introspection
thick slices of time
flicked from the lips
sweet powdery
glisten out for jealousy
spelling its misty tale
separating each consonant
with those gestured speech marks
cheeks inverted to commas
a thousand line lashes
the memory pours black ink
got ladders and yet to climb
each post wrapped fist
confirms a fall
a wall away from goodbye
high on wintery heights
the lofty polishing kneading moment
calls through course over course
of an evening
balancing every knife
spinning thin
and sieving through short
a vision a future sighted
fails         forms a stream of  think
molecule sentence draws further

Ra (by the power of 100)

eyes all even
lock  intertwined
left fluidity             reason
for all a vision of future
failing forming
culture reclined
each bearing
her blasphemous heat
it trails a thousand years
“tell me daughter
            why d’you do it?”
each contour calls
the eye
compliance dies
at the hands of her equal
(prequel to destruction)
map each rupture
guided by skies
territories to the mine
their circular
claws those curious eyes
embracing locks show her
in define
onlooker non compliance
fists bear the couriers crust
pride braces for justice
courting elopes a hop spirit taste
for horus pouring amulet

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