Submission # 18 David Chu


Time. A meal you devour one bite at a time, a meal you devour one bite at a time, meal you devour one bite at a time, meal you devour one bite at a time…

If we experienced time all at once, if I lived my entire life in a single frozen moment. I would be like a millipede, each moment in time, segment, limbs one in front of the other, slithering my way around my own perceivable reality seeking the path but already having walked it. For all of eternity. Or until the path stops and the millipede is beheaded.

When an event occurs, a violent event, whether physical or emotional, energy is released as force, light, sound, heat, cold and others unperceivable to the human senses, perhaps it is when these energies travel along the millipede like an electric signal along the nervous system that allow the few to hear ghosts of the past or echoes of the future.

Of course, the millipede is not alone in his endevour, I will cross paths with others, intertwining with theirs. Often momentarily, sometimes intrinsically. The writhing colony of millipedes, walking with or over each other creates a network of connections like neurons in the brain.

Only through that connection can we even begin to see ourselves as a single consciousness, a single mind. And only then we learn to work as one, to dream as one, to move forward as one. Maybe even meet one other. And perhaps go for a coffee.

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