Submission #19 Patrick Holmes

What we accept gives us peace, but strips us of power. Life cycle, spiral the tunnel of time from nothing to everything and back again, moving forward stripped of all that is here and was there, but the cycle remains the same, those were close now are far, to come back again, or to remain. A faith betrayed seven by seven times over, but in this spiral moving forward to repeat the same, without remorse, we are who we are and in fighting it we only become that what we resist.

7 stripped of innocence as deemed that forever, Diagnosis disorder medicated to pacify the different into subdued normality. Stand on the step with the door closed, to fit in with those who do not. Surely this environment will shape this jigsaw to be a proud piece in the wall. There is no innocence in a sinful child, thus they may not contaminate those around them, a hidden truth of human nature, inconvenient to accept. A raging fire that must be extinguished, may it light not a flame in the eyes of the deserved.

14 to know the implications, the death that would not come, to many who tried to enter its depths, unsuccessful, or uncommitted. Return to the blackness for you are a wound in the eyes of the father, an imperfect creation, shamed, and cast out. You created the scar I carry, so shall you carry the same, for you created yourself imperfectly, said the father, now I shall sacrifice my blood, to punish you. Let these wounds speak for your sin and shall you remain unforgiven. Only the Shepard can save only the deserved.

21 to know the depths of depravity in this world you are condemned; extinguish the brightest light, for it is imperfect. May you see the darkness that surrounds you, the fire that lights you up is sin, condemned again, for you shall not return, this spiral is too wide to feel the centre again. This centre shall you witness as you orbit around never again in the same space and time. In the centre innocence you will never witness. Tainted and estranged this world you are condemned to, you chose by your imperfect creation. Suffer for forgiveness, a long wait for a train that never comes, treat unto those more deserved, for they deserve it. Intention is a matter for those deserved, but sin is of those who don’t.

28 a circle so wide offset from the deserved. Faith is for the condemned, for only they feel the cold. Wander the earth in isolation the only inclusion of this world; for many lost souls will pass by. For one with mother earth you should respect the deserved, their fear of the depths, and restrict themselves from sin. It takes the strong to do good and the strong to do evil. But the strong must suffer for they can handle the burden, but the deserved must not, for they are the flock and he is truly the Shepard, he is the farmer, for their products they are of value, but for their humanity they are of inconvenience. To keep the wolves from the door, you must be the deserved, but choose no flock, born a puppy dog, to become a wolf or a Shepard, and take the fruits of thy labour, for the flock are given grass, and create wool and meat, deserved victims of their own acceptance, what we accept gives us peace, but strips us of power.

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